Agent Landing

Photo of Patricia Choi

Patricia Choi

President & Principal Broker (RB-11824)

C (808) 285-2484
Photo of Cedric Choi

Cedric Choi

Executive Director (RS-18047)

C 808-285-2486
Photo of Sharon Venegas

Sharon Kim Venegas


C (808) 225-2427
Photo of Gwen Inzer

Gwen Inzer


O 808-734-7711
Photo of Julianna Garris

Julianna Garris

Broker-in-Charge (RB-17280)

C (808) 255-7143
Photo of Barbara Baehler

Barbara Baehler


C (808) 497-0021
Photo of Mark Storfer

Mark J Storfer

Business & Real Estate Consultant (RB-20318)

C (808) 375-0449

I also speak: French

Photo of Wana'ao Eldridge

Wana'ao W. Eldridge


C (808) 228-5683
Photo of Geoff Heise

Geoff Heise


C (808) 780-4700
Photo of Amy Conley

Amy A. Conley


C (808) 375-2521

I also speak: French

Photo of Sara Cutter

Sara Beth Cutter


C (808) 990-6200
Photo of Maggie Huang

Maggie L. Huang

Vice President - Greater China Region (RB-22050)

C (808) 398-0443

I also speak: 中文, 粵語